Support Services

  • Support

    The Minster technical team comprises experienced hardware and software specialists who are accredited by Microsoft and Pegasus . The software team also includes staff who are CIMA and AAT qualified as well as being fully accredited for Pegasus Opera 3 Accounts and Payroll software solutions.

    The secret to a happy customer is first establishing what they need. Our pre-sales consultancy allows us to get to know you and helps us provide you with the most appropriate system to satisfy your requirements. This is available to new and existing clients to assist in the development of their internal business systems, with the emphasis on accounting, sales lead and prospect management, and IT infrastructure. To ensure you are happy with your new system we provide post-sales consultancy as well.

  • ‘Gap Cover’

    Almost three decades of providing extensive software and hardware support to our customers has led us to develop our Minster ‘Gap’ cover.

    IT Technician With Server CablesThe problem? Support packages offered by major vendors like HP provide rapid response and repair, but manufacturers nearly always return the faulty unit back to its “Factory Default” settings after repair – that is, to the format it was originally shipped in. This is of little use to you, as all your software and particular settings need to be restored before the machine can be used.

    Your business depends more and more on the effective and reliable operation of your IT infrastructure. If a server or desktop PC fails, you need it back up and working ‘as normal’ as soon as possible.

    The answer? Minster ‘Gap’ cover has been designed to fill the gap between having a machine returned to working order – and having a machine ‘back to normal’ on your system. Typically, this might involve restoring a server to full functionality on your network, re-establishing a networked printer, or re-attaching a workstation to your network and the Internet, plus setting up/installation of the user’s programs, such as access to their accounts software, word processing and spreadsheet files, plus Email and any specialist settings. Minster ‘Gap’ cover allows for the provision of an engineer to do exactly that.