Online Services

As more and more online services become mainstream and many software services become ‘cloud computing’ aware we are keen to invest and embrace in the technologies that bring all the advantages of internet based working can bring. from hosted servers, hosted email systems and hosted software. We also provide various ‘cloud’ based monitoring and diagnostic tools to help maintain the stability of your network infrastructure.

Hosted Servers

Hosting does not suit everybody but it does have advantages, we’ve tried to list the advantages and disadvantages of both  On-Premise and Hosted platforms. A mixture of both methods is quite common.

Sentinel System Care

Sentinel is our latest set of tools for pro-active remote monitoring which provides automated care of your computer system. The tools currently on offer are; System-Monitor, Mail-Catcher and Mail-Archive and Online-Backup.

Consider this as preventative maintenance for you computer system as our engineers not only get notified the minute you have a problem but many potential problems that may arise are alerted to us also.

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