The subject “Hardware” covers a large area and we, at Minster, are very diverse in what we do, from simple supply and installation of desktop PC’s to complex, Multi-Server Multi-location network systems.

Please contact us if you have specialist requirements that you like to discuss.


There are distinct “pros and cons” to be considered before you decide that an Online Hosted solution is for you, but there is a growing trend of people investing in this area for many reasons.

No big capital expenditure of hardware is usually the prime factor. Depending on your current infrastructure it could mean that you don’t need to by new servers, it could mean that you invest in having your “New” server hosted. It will always be upgraded and be maintained as part of any hosted agreement.


We provide many services such as Training, Site Audits, Project Management and Technical Consultancy.

We have a extensive range of expertise in many different industries and are therefore qualified to give you advice on your system, whether it be to provide recommendations on your current infrastructure or provide New User/Refresher training for example.

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