Opera 3 Payroll & HR

Opera 3 Payroll simplifies your key tasks and has PAYE Recognition so you will always have peace of mind.

Award-winning Opera 3 Payroll & HR from Pegasus has HMRC PAYE and RTI Recognition and fully caters for the submission of Real Time Information and auto enrolment of pensions.

Opera 3 Payroll is available as a stand alone application or integrates with the other applications available for Opera 3; linking seamlessly to Personnel and P11D Organiser.

P11D Organiser

Pegasus P11D Organiser is our most advanced and powerful system for managing expenses and benefits to-date. Designed by experienced ex-HMRC Compliance Officers with a view to eliminating exposure to incorrect or late returns, the software can be used throughout the year as an expenses and management system providing an accurate audit trail of every individual item of benefit and expense.

Time & Attendance

Time and Attendance is an important part of your business process, and the Time & Attendance system is there to make it easy for you to maintain accurate attendance records.  We can capture employee swipe times from a range of supported data collection terminals, or use information from an Access Control or Point-of-Sale system.

Once employee swipe times have been collected, the data can be used to monitor Time and Attendance information about working hours, overtime, break length, contracted hours fulfilment, lieu hours, flexi-time and working time directive compliance.

Holiday, sickness and other absence can also be recorded and monitored.