Email Payslips & P60’s

E-mailing payslips to employees will make your payroll run much more cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. If, however, printed payslips and P60s are required, these can also be produced in the usual way. And with flexibility at the forefront, Opera 3 also allows you to use a combination of both printed and e-mailed payslips and P60s.


emailed-payslipNaturally, when distributing sensitive information electronically, security is paramount. Payslip and P60 PDFs are password-protected, initially with passwords automatically assigned to employees by Opera 3. If employees wish to change their password, they can do so by advising the payroll administrator. When a password is added or edited, it’s only ever visible when it’s being entered into the system; after this, it’s encrypted and displayed as asterisks. To help ensure greater security, Opera 3 won’t allow the duplication of e-mail addresses across different employees.

Simple and easy to set up

Whether you’re processing a large volume of employees or more manageable numbers, setting up employees to receive payslips and P60s by e-mail is quick and easy.

Using Quick E-mail Setup, you can enter employee e-mail information quickly to update payroll records. The e-mail editor will then allow you to design the e-mail templates to use for the distribution of passwords, payslips and P60s. Opera 3 gives you the option to design different templates for use with different payroll groups. When you’ve completed these simple steps, employees are set up to receive payslips by e-mail.

Opera 3 also allows the flexibility of marking individual employees as receiving payslips and P60s by e-mail or printed.

E-mailing payslips will make your payroll run as easy as pressing a button: Opera 3 generates PDFs of the payslips or P60s for the employees you select and the server handles sending the e-mails in the background, so you can continue to process without disruption. The Check E-mail Status report will display the current status of all the e-mail batches you have generated.

As well as payslips or P60s, you can also attach up to three other PDF documents to your e-mails for quick and easy distribution to employees, such as auto enrolment information or an HR newsletter.

E-mailing payslips and P60s has benefits for employees too. Employees can save and access all their payslips and P60s electronically, and print or re-print them at the click of a button whenever required.


• Up to three additional PDF attachments can be added to the e-mails.
• Up to two e-mail addresses per employee can be stored, either or both of which can be used for e-mailing payslips/P60s and passwords.
• Payslips and P60s can be previewed before being sent.
• Employees can either accept the default password assigned to them or request for it to be changed.
• Employee passwords can be edited individually.
• The Quick E-mail Setup List is a new report that displays all employees, detailing those who receive their payslips and P60s by e-mail together with their e-mail addresses and what each e-mail address is used for.
• Previously e-mailed payslips/P60s can be viewed in Employee History in a meaningful layout which now includes all the payslip/P60 headings.
• The e-mail payslips feature is included as standard at no extra cost with Opera 3 Payroll.

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