Personalisation & Configuration

SAP Business One provides the tools needed to provide a personalised experience. Whether easily adding additional fields or tables, or by creating a personal work centre containing dashboards and browser feeds, users can easily ensure they have easy access to the required information.

Should any requirements go beyond what is available out-ofthe-box, a software development kit is available for further customisation around SAP Business One using user and data interfaces.

SAP understands that every business is different, although many processes are similar in organisations. By providing these simple, yet powerful capabilities, it means that many different growing enterprises can run SAP Business One, personalised to their requirements.

SAP - Customisation

SAP - Business-Partner - Customisation

Business Partner screen with Customisation

Key Capabilities

  • Personal work centres

    Configured as an individual’s home screen for SAP Business One. Work centres contain preconfigured dashboards, Web browser widgets, common functions or even open document lists or a search toolbar. Hugely powerful, and simple to use, work centres can be used to deploy custom built reports and dashboards.

  • User defined fields and tables

    Easily created when users have a need to go beyond those fields and tables available out of the box. Depending on authorisation, users create these in minutes, and start to benefit from using additional fields or tables instantly. Additional fields and tables are created within the existing database structure, preventing issues with existing reports and functions.

  • User defined values

    Simple query based functions, embedded within existing or user defined fields, add great power to standard functions in SAP Business One. For example, they can be used to perform simple calculations within a document.