Microsoft Office Integration

Microsoft Outlook integration for SAP Business One enables users to exchange and share data between SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook so that all team members are kept up-to-date about account developments and can proactively respond to business opportunities.

Data Synchronisation
A user can synchronise calendar appointments, contacts and tasks in SAP Business One and Microsoft Outlook. Users can create snapshots of SAP Business One information and associate them with contacts in Microsoft Outlook.

Users can import quotations from SAP Business One into Microsoft Outlook and then display, edit, and send them as emails. You can also create new quotations in Microsoft Outlook and save them automatically in SAP Business One.

E-mail Integration

Microsoft Outlook integration allows users to:

  • Save a Microsoft Outlook e-mail as an activity in SAP Business One
  • Save the original e-mail text and the original file attachments as an attachment to an activity in SAP Business One with drag and drop functionality
  • Make follow-up and reminder settings for an activity

Connection to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook integration allows users to connect to SAP Business One from Microsoft Word and save a Microsoft Word document as an activity in SAP Business One. The same function is available for Microsoft Excel. Workbooks can be saved as activities with a business partner or contact person in SAP Business One.

MS Office Integration

“With SAP Business One we can produce our accounts very quickly, very soon after month end. We also have limited the amount of manual input in generating information and its links to Microsoft products, such as Excel, allows us to churn out reports very rapidly and quickly.”
Paul Rakkar
Group Financial Director, Time Out Ltd

Integration to Outlook – screenshot