Intercompany Integration

Intercompany Integration Solution

Many organisations have a need to share resources and information between their physical and virtual locations. With SAP Business One, it is possible to create multiple companies within the same installation, even on the same server. This often leads to a requirement to be able to share data across more than one company database and for reporting across multiple companies in one easy to understand report. With the Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One, this is easily achieved.

The Intercompany Integration Solution for SAP Business One enables businesses running SAP Business One to manage intercompany transactions for more than one company, by automatically replicating corresponding transactions across multiple company databases. Automating the replication of such transactions significantly reduces the amount of end user effort and manual rekeying of data to maintain intercompany trading financial statements.

Intercompany Integration

Intercompany Integration - World Map

Key Features

  • Global master data

    Global master data enables the sharing of items, business partners, pricing, and more across multiple company databases.

  • Global credit limits

    Global credit limits can also be applied to a business partner in order to ensure that, even when shared across multiple companies, business processes can be tightly controlled.

  • Intercompany trading

    Intercompany trading that allows purchasing and sales processes to be carried out between company databases, and also provision from centralised payment of suppliers from head office.

  • Consolidated reports

    Consolidated reports for financials, sales, stock and even ad-hoc reporting across multiple companies provide regular and clear views of the overall business.

  • Multi-currency and multi-localisation integration capabilities

    Multi-currency and multi-localisation integration capabilities enable companies that operate within multiple regions of the world to be able to transact and report in required currencies.