SAP Business One Cloud

SAP Business One Cloud provides an integrated software business management solution for small businesses and subsidiaries of large enterprises. Managed and provided by SAP Partners, SAP Business One Cloud provides customers with:

  • Minimised upfront capital investment and a simple low cost pricing structure where one monthly payment covers software, service, and support*
  • Convenient and easy access to leading business management software without the IT concerns of new software acquisition, provisioning, and on-going maintenance
  • The ability to quickly gain benefit from the solution through rapid deployment and implementation
  • Access to the latest innovations with software that stays current, always providing the latest benefits, all without the hassle of software upgrades
  • Peace of mind knowing that their data is stored in an SAP Certified Hosting Centre

In addition to specific SAP Business One Cloud benefits cloud computing delivers certain characteristics that offer additional benefit to customers:

  • Elastic scalability allows the available computing resources to effortlessly scale up or down according to business requirements
  • Ubiquitous access where customers can run their businesses anytime and anywhere, using a variety of network access devices
  • Resource pooling where multiple customers are able to share the usage and cost of common resources leading to the dramatic decrease in end user cost

* End user pricing set by SAP Partner

sap - one cloud

”The real power of SAP Business One Cloud is our users can access all of the information they need whenever they are on any device via any internet connection, which gives us unprecedented flexibility and efficiency.”
Simon Smith
CEO, Extrinsica Global Limited