Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

SAP Business One delivers fully integral CRM functionality as part of the complete solution. This functionality enables complete control of customer acquisition, retention, loyalty, and profitability for the business. Tightly integrated features across marketing, sales, and service provide end-to-end visibility of the complete customer lifecycle.

Sales Opportunity Management

The SAP Business One CRM sales cycle management functions record every sales opportunity across the customer lifecycle, from lead identification, through discovery, qualification, proposal, closure, and ultimately through after-sale service and support. Integral CRM allows users to enter details of opportunities, including source, potential deal size, closing date, competitors, and activities.

Reports are a critical element of the CRM functionality allowing users to analyse opportunities by lead source, territory, industry, customer, and item. The reports manage forecasts and view anticipated revenue by a variety of date ranges, such as month and quarter.

CRM – Opportunities Pipeline

Key features

  • Sales

    Create quotes, enter customer orders, deliveries, update stock balances, and manage invoices and accounts receivable.

  • Purchasing

    Manage and maintain supplier transactions such as issuing purchase quotations and orders, update stock numbers, calculate landed costs for imports, handle returns and credits, and process payments.

  • Business Partners

    Control all information on customers, resellers, and suppliers: including e-mail address, profiles, sales reports, activities with business partners, account balances, and provides a calendar for user activities with search capability to find the necessary item.

  • Marketing campaign management

    Create, manage, and analyse marketing campaign activities and their impact.