Pegasus Opera 3

One of Minster’s key products is Pegasus Opera 3. This is an accounting and business solution that can be fully integrated throughout your business for a unified view, eliminating the requirement for separate finance, payroll, CRM, supply chain or service systems.

Due to it’s flexible features, the Opera 3 application enables you to customise and build the specific solution you need to suit your business. This allows you to buy what you need, when you need it, and expand as your business grows.

Opera 3 is more than just financials; it’s a complete end-to-end financial management solution for small to medium-sized businesses.

  • Financials

    Financials are the core to any business, whatever it’s size. With Opera 3, you have the ability to continually track your revenue – including when it’s due. Opera 3 reminds you who you owe money to and when it has to be paid by. Equally important, it features ‘Average Debtors Day’ calculation per customer helping you to manage aged debt for a realistic revenue forecast. You’ll find visibility of your cash flow invaluable to your profit generation. What’s more, reports from the Financials can be output directly to MS Excel.

  • Supply Chain Management

    With Opera 3, you are able integrate all sales, purchasing and stock with financial management to automate the delivery of customer orders with effective stock management. It gives you the ability to respond to demand for both products and pricing quickly – helping you maintain strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. You will have the complete control that’s required to manage the supply chain process of your business.

  • CRM & Service Management

    CRM is another integral part to any business. It is also a fully integrated application of Opera 3. Giving you clear visibility of all the stages of the sales process; from the first point of contact, you are able to manage prospects, convert those prospects into customers and better manage the customer relationship. It also allows you to report on their profitability and increase your business potential – all from one solution.

  • Business Intelligence

    Opera 3 gives you advanced intelligence that works for your business – Pegasus XRL has even won awards for its features! Pegasus Dashboards will revolutionise the way you view the information you need.

  • Document Management

    All correspondence can be captured and stored within Opera 3 including customer orders, credit notes, supplier invoices, signed delivery notes, job costing timesheets, Payroll & HR documents. These stored documents can be accessed using easy-to-use retrieval software and can even be reported on.

  • Web Xchange

    Using browser based technology, Pegasus Web Xchange provides a set of services that are used to securely access and view Opera 3 data via a web browser. Users are able to log in through supported web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari from a variety of mobile devices.

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