It is entirely possible that because, of leap years, your Nominal Calendar may not be correct. Sometimes Opera 3 and Opera II may not correctly set itself up after a Nominal Year End with the correct dates for the new year, sometimes it will “lose” the extra day.

Below is an example of how the new year may look (in Financials – Nominal – Utilities – Set Options – Calendar tab);

Opera II - 3 - Leap Year Example

Note that dates start going wrong on the month with the extra day.

Simply correct the dates to read what they should be (i.e. the start date of each month should be ’01’ and the Year end day should be the last day in the final month of your financial year. (See below for the correction to this example.)

Opera II - 3 - Leap Year Example 2

This should be all you need to do as long as you haven’t posted any transactions into any periods where you have a WRONG period start date. If this is the case then contact us and we will help you evaluate if any further processes are necessary.