The Real Costs of Telephony To Your Business

It’s surprising to know that the average business in the West Midlands, just like yours, spends an average of over £900 on calls through standard telephony per year. However, those that have switched to a VoIP service only spend an average of £280 on calls per year!

On a whole, the average SME business in the West Midlands spends 2 days and 2 hours on the phone per month. This makes it crucial that businesses have a phone system that they can rely on but also won’t break the bank.

VoIP is becoming an increasingly popular choice amongst businesses to cut costs both locally and internationally. When you can save almost 30% of your annual costs, why wouldn’t you switch to VoIP?

Minster understand that price isn’t the only benefit of switching to a phone service that runs over the internet; VoIP is also a remarkable mobile solution which gives your business the flexibility that it needs. Forward thinking companies understand the importance of staff morale so with a downloadable smartphone app your employees will have the opportunity to work remotely. Not only will this promote productivity but it will also save other costs such as mobile phones bills.

Our partner 3CX provides VoIP telephony software which can be used on desktop, standard PBX phones and also on mobile devices – you may have seen this featured in the last edition of the Business Direction Magazine.

If you’re a business that works 9-5, Monday to Friday, time is critical to get everything done within your working week so you won’t want to lose time setting up and introducing a brand new phone system. The beauty of 3CX VoIP telephony, as opposed to standard phone lines, is that it can be set up very easily and quickly without need for separate phone wiring. It can be easily installed and managed with a web-based configuration interface which also includes automatic updates at standard, should you choose it to.

3CX allows you to cut out normal phone lines that use a telecommunications provider such as BT and instead uses just one internet line. Backup lines can also be installed, should your internet go down, leaving you with peace of mind! We’ve asked Alex, Minster’s very own apprentice-turned-engineer to give a breakdown of how VoIP telephony works and how it can save you so much money.

“By now you’re probably wondering how the 3CX phone system works. Well, the 3CX phone system is used the same as any other phone system for the end user, however technically, it’s entirely different.

The 3CX IT infrastructure uses a dedicated server for the 3CX system also known as a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). This is where the phone system is managed and configured. The 3CX system can be installed on a normal windows PC which can act as the PBX server minimising the cost of the infrastructure required. 3CX also requires you to have a VoIP provider, which will act as your phone line.

3CX works with VoIP (Voice over internet protocol) meaning any calls your users make won’t be going over your normal phone line but will be going through the internet, in the same way that a Skype or FaceTime call works- just without the video. This is why calls using 3CX is cheaper than your normal phone calls.” – Alex, Telephony Expert.

If you’re looking to upgrade your telephony, give Minster a call on 01562 68211 or email





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Minster Delivers Flexible Working For Alphaquad

Employees at Warwickshire-based digital marketing agency, Alphaquad Ltd, are enjoying the benefits of flexible working and enhanced productivity whilst saving the firm time and money, thanks to a new 3CX VoIP software system installed by local company Minster Micro Computers Limited.Alpha_Minster1

The new 3CX system replaced the firm’s old and outdated analogue system with one which is much easier for staff to manage. Alphaquad Technical Director, Paul Russell, said: “Our employees love the new system and we’re delighted with the cost savings it’s achieved. With the system paying for itself within 12 months we now have the ability to expand capacity and add additional handsets with the knowledge that we’re not tied to one particular handset manufacture.”

“Call quality is exceptional and we haven’t experienced any issues with downtime.” said Paul, adding, “The initial setup and transfer from our existing system was seamless, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the 3CX PBX software. Its simplicity has meant we have been able to carry out further administration of the system in-house but with the reassurance that expert backup is available from Minster should we need it.”

Utilising cloud technology, the 3CX system provides a unified Windows communications solution, so it can easily be integrated with other Windows based applications used across Alphaquad’s business.
Minster MD, Nick Marlow, commented: “Alphaquad’s move to 3CX has provided additional functionality and fault tolerance, as well as the ease with which it has integrated with existing systems. 3CX also offers greater mobility as customers’ calls can be answered at any time, regardless of staff location. Standard analogue phone systems simply can’t offer the plasticity dynamic companies like Alphaquad need today.”

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Use VOIP to stay connected to the office – wherever you are

3CX VOIPMinster Micro are excited to announce our new VOIP product launch – 3CX. Our new telephone system will improve your employee productivity, encourage mobility and tele-work as well as save your company money.

VOIP is now available for the SME marketplace giving the versatility of a corporate product at a fraction of the cost.

Using 3CX will allow your communications to evolve with your company – calls to and from office-based handsets can be made from anywhere. Turn your mobile into your office – based handset, when not at your desk via an iPhone or Android smartphone – whilst voicemail and faxes can be received via email.

This will give the benefit of being able to break free from the office without worrying about missing crucial calls. It will also give other employees an idea of where a specific colleague is – helping to avoid making and transferring unnecessary calls.

3CX VOIP also gives you the opportunity to connect your national and global offices and re-direct local customer services numbers via the internet – meaning less cost. It also enables you to set-up inter-office calls as FREE internal calls and there is no extra cost for voicemail, auto attendants and queues.

If you would like more information on VOIP, please call us and pre-book your place (as spaces are limited!) at our event on 18th September 2013. Alternatively, if you can’t wait to see 3CX in action– book a private seminar at Minster free of charge.


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3CX VOIP Telephony Event

After the success of our previous 3CX event, we have decided to hold another!

It will be held at Minster offices on Wednesday 5th  February 2014 at 10am.

3CX screenshot with phoneIf you are interested in attending and would like to pre-book your place, or alternatively book a private seminar, contact us.