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3CX - Flexible WorkingReducing costs and increasing productivity with 3CX

We get it – you want to cut your phone costs but don’t want to lose out on a quality service? Luckily, you’re in safe hands with Minster and 3CX!

We recognise that it’s hard managing your costs whilst maintaining the best service available, but that’s where 3CX comes in!

Now, we can imagine you’re wondering how this system can save you so much money – well, it allows you to cut out normal phone lines that use a telecommunications provider such as BT and instead uses just one internet line.

Many features are available with 3CX to make it incredibly user friendly. For example; there is a specific app available on iOS, Android and Windows devices meaning that you can make and receive calls when you’re out and about – making it much more flexible. You could even be relaxing in the Bahamas knowing that your work related, international calls won’t break the bank.

3CX is Windows-based making it simple to manage as it works with a standard Windows system – making the controls familiar to most system administrators. This allows for easy monitoring and simple servicing. Installation and updates are easy to manage as it runs on a user friendly system, therefore it is stress-free.

3CX includes all the features you need, such as digital receptionists, voicemail, web-based management and even conference calls which would be much pricier in alternative systems.

The VoIP system can also save money by using existing hardware. For example – instead of paying a large sum for a new server, you can use the server you already have. In some cases you can also use your existing phones and you can use your standard Windows PC.

For more information on 3CX call us on 01562 68211 or email us

MRP Manufacturing – What Can It Do For You?

MRP ManufacturingManufacturing Resource Planning software is used to integrate inventory control and production planning – to manage all aspects of manufacturing efficiently. When managing your business it is important to keep costs low and efficiencies high which is where an MRP system may just become your new saviour!

The three main objectives of MRP Systems are;

To ensure materials are in stock for production and products are available for delivery to customers,

To ensure the lowest possible material and product levels are maintained,

To plan manufacturing activities, delivery schedules and purchasing activities effectively.

How could an MRP System benefit you?

MRP Systems are designed to make business operations smooth and efficient which allows the business an economic advantage. The system does this by planning and scheduling production operations which reduces money spent on waste materials, as this is a struggle for some manufacturers. Planning production also helps to see the number of finished goods for the future to improve planning of sales. The lowest material and product levels need to be maintained for warehouse storage and cash flow implications. Daily schedules and manufacturing activities need to be planned so the manufacturing of a product goes smoothly to ensure there are no complications which could impact on the production of the product and the delivery of the product to the customer.

It is important for a business to control the types and quantities of materials they purchase, products that will be produced and the quantities in which they will be produced. This is to ensure the business continues to meet customer demand at current and in the future, at the lowest possible cost. An MRP system would help to control this and would create reports on financial status and areas in which the business could improve on.

Why would an MRP System benefit your customers?

An MRP system will improve shipping performance to ensure goods are delivered to the customers at the correct time.  It will also reduce the amount of late orders, create higher levels of productivity and helps the company adjust to changes in demand quickly; greatly improving customer service.

Overall, an MRP system is a great way not only to stay organised, but to also save time and money. All aspects of the business will integrate into a successful management solution with many benefits to the business.

If you’d like to find out more information, take a look at the popular SAP Business One or contact us on 01562 68211 or email us at

Alert for businesses as cyber attacks set to double crime figures

Businesses in the across the country have been alerted to protect themselves from increasingly sophisticated cyber criminals, amid concerns that attacks are set to double the national crime figures.

Nick Marlow, director at Kidderminster IT experts Minster Micro Computers, has issued the warning saying businesses, especially SMEs, are under ‘extreme risk’ as criminals create ways to simultaneously hack thousands of global IT systems.

The alert comes amid concern that crime statistics for England and Wales will double this summer when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) begin to include a category of cybercrime, alongside other types such as burglary, when it publishes its Crime Survey on 21 July.

A field trial by the ONS last summer found 2.5 million incidents of “computer misuse” – affecting 46 for every 1,000 adults in England and Wales.

Mr Marlow said: “Viruses and other malware are constantly evolving but the blunt truth for any business is if you don’t have adequate protection through properly deployed anti-virus software, you will be attacked.

“Online criminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it means businesses could have their systems affected even if they aren’t the intended target.

“There are countless examples where businesses have unintentionally sent spam emails to customers and compromised their security, personal information and reputation. Even worse, there is a growing trend in businesses having their files encrypted and held to ransom. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.”

To combat the cyber criminals, Mr Marlow said businesses need to be pro-active and carry out a full review of their network security, identify their potential failure points and review their disaster recovery plan.

“All desktop computers, laptops, mobile devices and servers connected to a network have to be protected. Statistics show that people are more likely to be attacked through their computer than in person.  It’s frightening but true and that’s why businesses and individuals must take action, protect themselves with robust and more sophisticated anti-virus software, and fight back against cybercrime.”

Mr Marlow’s warning comes after police forces in the region urged businesses to sign up to the West Midlands Regional Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership (CiSP).

Minster Micro Computers is a leading provider of IT security software, including BitDefender and server monitoring applications, along with tools to minimise downtime.

Minster also have a FREE Anti-Virus Advice Guide available on request to anyone looking for key suggestions on how to protect their business against threats.

Businesses looking for advice on their cyber security arrangements can email or telephone 01562 68211.

Minster Micro Computers Welcomes Apprentices

Kidderminster-based Minster Micro Computers Ltd, one of the longest established and well-known IT firms in Worcestershire, having signed up to Worcestershire County Council’s apprenticeship scheme has welcomed three new apprentices in a unified approach to Minster’s business growth needs.

Minster Director, Mrs Susan Marlow, stated: “Recruitment of young people continues to be a challenge, and like many businesses looking to recruit young and talented employees there’s no shortage of applicants, just a shortage of applicants with the relevant skills.  After attending Worcestershire County Council’s apprenticeship scheme event, we signed up and very quickly agreed to take on three apprentices all studying the same IT apprenticeship course.”

19-year old Rheece started building his own PCs when he was still at school, excited by IT as it never stagnates. 18-year old Alex wanted to follow a career in IT after taking part in GCSE work experience. The youngest of the group Esmée’s interest lies in software and grew from her studies in IT at GCSE level. All apprentices are studying IT at level 3.

One of Worcestershire’s most recognised IT firms, Minster Micro Computers is a leading provider of Microsoft, SAP, Pegasus business software and 3CX, and delivers business software and hardware IT support services to customers locally and across the West Midlands, ranging from SME’s to corporate bodies with large multi-user networks.

Added Susan: “Rheece, Alex and Esmée will each receive in-house product and workplace training until they are fully competent members of our engineering team, with the potential of securing a full time position here at Minster once they successfully complete their IT apprenticeship courses.”

Training Day Success at Minster!

As part of our on-going service, we have had a training day in customer service in conjunction with our local Chamber of Commerce.

Training Day CertificateThe course was tailored to our industry and will further improve the support and service we currently give. We understand how stressful it can be when your systems aren’t working the way you need them to so we felt that, with the added advice given from this training day, we are determined to deliver the best possible service and support during these times. Alongside this, we also added to the values that we have on customer service and a common phrase from all at Minster was: “Delivering a reliable quality service in an open and friendly manner” – whether this is on the phone, on site or after the visit.

From engineers to admin; sales to HR, everyone at Minster now holds a certificate on customer service.

For more information on the Hereford & Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce, please click here

Pegasus Takes Centre Stage at FDs’ Excellence Awards

Minster are delighted to announce that Pegasus have won the Financial Software Vendor (SMEs) category in the 2014 FDs’ Excellence Awards in association with ICAEW.

AwardsBased on a nationwide survey of CEOs and finance leaders, the initiative was developed to recognise excellence among UK finance directors as well as the key service providers that support UK finance.  The awards are supported by the CBI, Real Business and the London Evening Standard.

Following feedback from CFOs, FDs and senior financial decision-makers from British businesses about their auditors, banks, financial software providers and recruitment agencies, Pegasus fended off competition from Access; IRIS; Microsoft Dynamics; Sage and SAP to win the Financial Software Vendor (SMEs).  Winners were announced on the 1st May at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square.

“In a highly competitive marketplace such as ours it is a huge achievement to win such a prestigious award. We are extremely proud of our software which helps finance departments to achieve efficiencies and drive business growth. Winning the SME category in these awards is testament to the fact that our customers recognise the valuable role it plays within their organisations. We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs through continuous innovation in our software.”
Stuart Anderson (Director) Sales & Marketing at Pegasus Software


For more information on Pegasus achievements click here.



Opera 3 Event – Get Started!

As you may be aware, the end is in sight for Opera II with Pegasus advising that they intend to make an ‘end of life’ announcement within the next 24 months.

With this in mind, Minster have organised an Opera 3 event to go through details of how you can save money by upgrading early as well as the benefits your business will gain.

As well as Opera II customers looking to upgrade, this event is also suitable for those who are looking for an overview on Opera 3 as well as those who currently use it and would like to hear about future developments.

This complimentary event will include a run through of the added features of Opera 3 from both the Minster Team and Pegasus’s Product Specialists Steve Power and Sue Flavell.

For further information or the agenda please contact