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Minster marks 15-year partnership with BITO

Minster are proud to announce that we have renewed our long-term contract with a global storage equipment firm.

We are now into our 15th year supporting Warwickshire-based BITO, a specialist supplier of storage, racking and material handling systems.

Providing software and IT infrastructure, last year Minster played a key role in BITO’s move to its new purpose-built offices and warehouse in Nuneaton – implementing the SAP Business One system which has improved BITO’s management of its stock control network.

Nick Marlow, managing director of Minster Micro said: “We are extremely proud to have played a key role in the growth of BITO, one of the most respected market leaders in their sector.

“Since we helped BITO move to a new building and implemented a new, efficient system, they have gone on to record sales of £16 million.

“It is 15 years since we started working together, and to renew what has been a first-class partnership is a big milestone for us.”

As part of the contract renewal, Minster will continue to provide BITO’s full IT infrastructure – including cyber security, telephone and communications networks, hardware and continue to support BITO with their SAP Business One ERP system.

Edward Hutchison, managing director of BITO, added: “Our partnership with Nick and the team at Minster has been a long relationship, founded on trust and expertise.

“Thanks to Minster a major change in the life of our business and the move to new premises went smoothly, while the capability of our IT systems are now second to none.

“We have seen a period of sustained growth across the business and our IT infrastructure has been a big factor in that success.”

Founded in Germany in 1845, BITO now has more than 70,000 customers, providing storage solutions for the likes of Amazon, M&S, Asda, Lidl, BMW and Jaguar Land Rover.

How will GDPR and Brexit affect you?

Now article 50 has been triggered, Britain can be expected to leave the EU within the next two years. Although two years may seem a long time, we all know that time flies and we’ll be an independent country before we know it.

Brexit will have numerous effects on Britain and the way we work. One of the three most likely industries to be affected is financial services. If you are not in the financial services industry, it doesn’t mean your company won’t be affected as it will still impact the financial department of most businesses.

As well as Brexit, there are also the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to prepare for and this will affect most financial departments. These new regulations are being put in place from May 2018. This is to ensure data is being used correctly, is being shared in the correct way, and to prevent any data breaches.


Will the GDPR affect UK businesses?

Many UK businesses are under the impression that GDPR won’t affect them due to Brexit. However, there will be a period in between the new regulations being introduced and the official EU leaving date. Britain WILL have to abide by the GDPR law between May 2018 and March 2019, meaning that UK businesses need to prepare themselves for the implementation of the new data protection regulations.


How will this affect your IT?

As one of the leading IT companies in your local area, we thought it would be beneficial to give you some pointers on how to prepare. As you know, businesses are utilising the web more than ever. With over 269 billion emails sent daily, how many of these do you think contain sensitive data? With so many emails being sent and received, businesses need to be extra vigilant with the data shared.


What to do next

It’s important that your customers, suppliers and any other associates know what and how confidentially their data is stored as well as how long it will be kept for. Data will need to be shared and handled much more sensitively meaning that new measures need to be put into place so that any parties you deal with know your regulations on data protection.

  • It is worth creating a new data protection policy for your business. Your system security will need to be up to scratch, ensuring that any data stays protected.
  • Is it time for an upgrade? It’s important to review your system’s security to ensure it is robust. If your system was hacked, you could be liable to possible penalties.
  • Do you have data stored with a cloud provider? The moment you allow data to enter the cloud, you are allowing the provider to take responsibility of how the data is stored, protected and accessed.You need to ensure that requirements of the GDPR law are met through your cloud provider. You may want to consider moving your cloud host to a UK based company.
  • Payroll systems might need to be assessed for security. Obviously, bank details and other sensitive data are kept within HR and can be dangerous if put into the hands of the wrong people. Your payroll system needs to be reliable and very secure. Your payroll supplier also needs to be very clear on GDPR so they are less likely to breach the new data protection laws. Most businesses use a CRM (customer relationship management) system to store sensitive customer, supplier and prospect data.
  • It is important you review your internal systems to ensure they are reliable and kept up to date.


If you’d like to discuss further or have any concerns, please feel free to contact Minster on 01562 68211 or email

Worried your IT systems might be under threat?

At Minster we know that IT system security is everything to people and their businesses.

Now, more than ever, without the right protection it’s so easy for your system to catch a potentially business-threatening virus. It almost goes without saying that you need to ensure your protection is spot on.

That’s where the power of Sentinel could be the answer to your security worries!

Sentinel provides two different and effective programs.

Sentinel System Care is an innovative programme that provides automated care for your infrastructure, whilst Sentinel Bitdefender is a managed anti-virus engine that protects you from harmful threats.

Sentinel System Care helps you in four key areas:

  • System-monitoring
  • Online-backup
  • Mail catcher, and
  • Mail archive

Online-backup allows you to back-up and retrieve emails, files and databases safely and quickly. It is an automated system giving you 24/7 access to your information.

We understand that email communication is vital to any business, that’s why Sentinel provides mail-catcher and mail-archive. Mail-catcher provides email spam and virus filtering and with Sentinel you will never lose any emails.

We understand how many emails ping through on a daily basis and it’s incredibly hard to keep on top of them all – this is why Sentinel also provides a mail-archive management system to easily manage all of your emails on your Microsoft Exchange Server.

Aside from these benefits, Sentinel also performs checks on your servers and networks to ensure your most important IT tools are running smoothly.

How can Bitdefender secure your business?

Bitdefender will act as your security guard and protect your system from any harm. It has been proven to block thousands of viruses and threats. In fact in June 2016, according to AV-Test statistics, 100% of viruses were blocked by Bitdefender. Bitdefender works to give quick and customizable scans to detect threats and remove them before any damage is done to your system. It can also detect and remove potentially unwanted applications and has improved malware protection to reduce false threats.


For more information on Sentinel or any of our anti-virus products,

please call Minster on 01562 68211 or email us through