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The power of 3CX!

3CX - Flexible WorkingReducing costs and increasing productivity with 3CX

We get it – you want to cut your phone costs but don’t want to lose out on a quality service? Luckily, you’re in safe hands with Minster and 3CX!

We recognise that it’s hard managing your costs whilst maintaining the best service available, but that’s where 3CX comes in!

Now, we can imagine you’re wondering how this system can save you so much money – well, it allows you to cut out normal phone lines that use a telecommunications provider such as BT and instead uses just one internet line.

Many features are available with 3CX to make it incredibly user friendly. For example; there is a specific app available on iOS, Android and Windows devices meaning that you can make and receive calls when you’re out and about – making it much more flexible. You could even be relaxing in the Bahamas knowing that your work related, international calls won’t break the bank.

3CX is Windows-based making it simple to manage as it works with a standard Windows system – making the controls familiar to most system administrators. This allows for easy monitoring and simple servicing. Installation and updates are easy to manage as it runs on a user friendly system, therefore it is stress-free.

3CX includes all the features you need, such as digital receptionists, voicemail, web-based management and even conference calls which would be much pricier in alternative systems.

The VoIP system can also save money by using existing hardware. For example – instead of paying a large sum for a new server, you can use the server you already have. In some cases you can also use your existing phones and you can use your standard Windows PC.

For more information on 3CX call us on 01562 68211 or email us

Save the Date

3CX Event – Wednesday 5th February

3CX EventAfter the success of our previous 3CX event, we have decided to hold another!

It will be held at Minster offices on Wednesday 5th  February 2014 at 10am. If you are interested in attending and would like to pre-book your place, or alternatively book a private seminar, contact us.

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Use VOIP to stay connected to the office – wherever you are

3CX VOIPMinster Micro are excited to announce our new VOIP product launch – 3CX. Our new telephone system will improve your employee productivity, encourage mobility and tele-work as well as save your company money.

VOIP is now available for the SME marketplace giving the versatility of a corporate product at a fraction of the cost.

Using 3CX will allow your communications to evolve with your company – calls to and from office-based handsets can be made from anywhere. Turn your mobile into your office – based handset, when not at your desk via an iPhone or Android smartphone – whilst voicemail and faxes can be received via email.

This will give the benefit of being able to break free from the office without worrying about missing crucial calls. It will also give other employees an idea of where a specific colleague is – helping to avoid making and transferring unnecessary calls.

3CX VOIP also gives you the opportunity to connect your national and global offices and re-direct local customer services numbers via the internet – meaning less cost. It also enables you to set-up inter-office calls as FREE internal calls and there is no extra cost for voicemail, auto attendants and queues.

If you would like more information on VOIP, please call us and pre-book your place (as spaces are limited!) at our event on 18th September 2013. Alternatively, if you can’t wait to see 3CX in action– book a private seminar at Minster free of charge.