Benefit Your Employees & The Environment With A Timesheet Management System

We live in a digital world where you’d be hard pushed to find any business without a computer of some sort. However, alarmingly, the amount of paper used by a full time office employee is estimated to be around 10,000 sheets a year with around 45% of that put in to waste.Timesheet Module

So it may be time to question: do we really need to print as much as we do or are we just stuck in our ways?

If your company uses timesheets, you’ll be familiar with the challenges that come with them; from misplaced paperwork on cluttered desks to running out of storage space. It’s no surprise many companies are re-evaluating their methods and systems to reduce paper processes. Not only does this save valuable admin time but it can also reduce printing costs and lessens the risk of human error.

However small, human error can have such large repercussions for a business and its employees. Having a reliable timesheet management system that links with your payroll can drastically improve data accuracy. It allows the employee to simply log on to the company’s secure portal and enter in the details eliminating the risk of inaccurate information. It also relieves the monthly monotonous data entry exercise for your finance team – saving time and money!

2018 has seen a rise in flexible working. While the advantages of smaller offices, less costs and happier employees definitely outweigh the negatives, this can also be another issue when it comes to those needing to complete timesheets when they can’t get back to the office.

If you have an employee that works from home, out on the road or has a flexible contract, the Timesheet Module in Pegasus Opera 3 allows employees to submit their timesheets completely remotely from a device of their choice. This allows timesheets to be created, recorded and submitted via their laptop, home PC, mobile or tablet. Once the timesheet is submitted, it gets sent to the delegated manager for approval which can then be imported seamlessly to the Opera 3 Payroll system. This reduces the risk of data entry errors whilst also giving more visibility to those who can strategically benefit by spotting trends and gaining more insight into the individual’s working patterns. By exporting the report in to a standard CSV file, the information can be further analysed in a spreadsheet enabling you to track, monitor and manage efficiency.

It’s worth noting that the Timesheets module can be used by any employee so you wouldn’t need to purchase additional Opera 3 licences.

Overall, having a smooth, user-friendly timesheet management system can greatly benefit the employer, employee and the environment. For more information, contact us.

Never miss an opportunity with an integrated CRM System!

The sales team at Minster understand the importance of an easy-to-use CRM system. Let’s face it, having a fully integrated system in place allows employees to be more productive and can save a lot of company time.

Pegasus Opera 3’s CRM utility is a centralised database that allows you to store prospect, customer and supplier data securely as well as log all communication and track activities in a productive manner. The system integrates with Opera 3 Financials and Supply Chain applications to give you clear visibility across your business.

We’re all guilty of appointments or follow ups slipping our mind from time to time which is why Pegasus CRM has an active alerts tool, enabling you to set reminders so you haven’t got to worry about missing an opportunity. The system takes care of all the finer details for you, meaning you can concentrate on closing those all important business deals. The module also includes an easy reporting tool, allowing you to report on sales pipeline and forecast effectively. The reporting feature fully integrates with Microsoft Excel to give you flexibility over your reports. As well as helping to manage sales pipeline, the CRM system also takes care of your service management and helpdesk management. This allows your business to track upcoming opportunities, right the way through to providing them with customer support and account management.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could store all of your sales and marketing efforts in one place? Opera 3 CRM helps you to improve your business potential with its integration with Microsoft Outlook. This means marketing teams are able to send e-shots and import incoming e-mails to the CRM utility. The system also makes it easy to do mail merges and it can generate mail shots for specific contacts or groups. This improves the visibility for sales and marketing teams working together as it improves the visibility and communication between the teams.

Construction Industry: You’re only as good as your Supply Chain Management System.

If you work within the construction industry, you’ll know that it is extremely project based which relies heavily on supply chain management. We understand just how complex strategic planning for projects can be as there are so many different parties involved. Therefore, it’s pivotal for your supply chain management system to run smoothly and efficiently.

Wouldn’t it be great to reduce some of the lengthy processes where possible?

Managing your supply chain system requires thorough understanding of the breakdown of all the products and services, the logistics and the resources that transform those raw materials in to a finished product. This means you need a system that can understand and assist with each of these stages.

Pegasus Opera 3 business solution has a Supply Chain Management module which includes the essential applications such as Stock Control, Stocktake, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing and Bill of Materials. In Opera 3, Purchase Orders, Invoices, Delivery Notes and Statements are batch created as PDFs and emailed directly from the system using the Supply Chain Management module. This saves crucial time, money and reduces your paper trail.

With a system that helps you automate processes from the delivery of customer orders to automatic work order generation, who doesn’t want to make their work life easier?

The Stock Control application is invaluable to the construction industry as it’s been designed to simplify the way you manage the stock requirements of your business. It has the ability to track warehouse movements even across multiple warehouses. Different cost and selling prices can be applied for each warehouse, enabling you to arrange your stockholding how best fits YOUR business.

Pegasus Opera 3 has a number of other modules that can assist the construction industry in streamlining its processes including Accounts and Payroll. For more information please call us on 01562 68211 or email   

New “KC” NI Code Prefix

Important information regarding the introduction of “KC” as a prefix for National Insurance numbers

This change was not included in the specification HMRC provided to payroll software developers this year. It’s also not catered for by the Government Gateway itself. As a result, Opera 3, Opera II and Capital Gold payroll systems do not accept NI numbers with the KC prefix, and FPS submissions containing these NI numbers are currently being rejected.

Until this issue is resolved, HMRC guidance to employers is not to enter NI numbers with the KC prefix into their payroll systems. We therefore advise users of Opera 3, Opera II and Capital Gold Payroll to leave the National Insurance Number field blank when adding a new employee with a KC NI number, and ensure that the employee’s name and address details are completed in full as HMRC will be using these as employee identifiers.

NOTE: Please contact HMRC for further information

Made In The Midlands 2015 Exhibition

As you may be aware, exhibition season is well underway and Minster have been taking the opportunity to attend and exhibit at as many as possible in order to meet local, well-established companies.Minster Team At Exhibition

In less than a week (Thursday 14th May 2015) we will be exhibiting at the Made in the Midlands exhibition where we are a Gold Partner. Whilst you have to be a member of Made in the Midlands to exhibit, other companies can register to attend the event.

The 2015 exhibition is set to be MIMs (Made In The Midlands) biggest and best yet with a brand new location hosting over 150 of our members exhibiting and an expected 1,000 visitors.

The Made in the Midlands Exhibition is a full day event which brings together the very best of Midlands manufacturing & engineering services from across a wide variety of sectors, including Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Medical and Oil & Gas.

MIMs annual exhibition provides the ideal platform for networking with a view to doing more business and meeting like-minded companies from across the Midlands region.

The day will also include a series of seminars hosted by our partners on a host of topics which affect Midlands manufacturers.

Again, we are very excited to be exhibiting at this event and would love to see you there!

If you are interested in attending the Made in the Midlands exhibition in Wolverhampton next week (Thursday 14th May), then please register for your tickets at:

*Tickets are available at no cost to Manufacturers and members of Made in the Midlands, please see the Made In The Midlands website for further details.

Minster Are The Cover Feature For Chamber of Commerce!

Chamber of CommerceMinster are proud to be the cover feature for the latest edition of Business Direction (Hereford and Worcestershire Chamber of Commerce bi-monthly magazine).

We were chosen for the cover feature due to our reputation of excellent service, quality and long-standing commitment to local businesses. We were given a series of questions to answer in order to highlight the importance of IT and how relevant it is to a companies growth.

Labelled as ‘Industry Leaders In IT Solutions’ , Nick and Susan Marlow answered questions such as ‘What are the main IT issues Minster deals with on a regular basis?’ and ‘Is legislation helping or hindering sector development?’, hoping to have given the readers more knowledge on how important it is to keep IT systems up to date and how a supportive IT company can help businesses.

Please feel free to click the link below, have a read and let us know what you think!


Winter 2014 Newsletter – Out Now!

The latest edition (Issue 6) of the Minster Focus newsletter has been released!


Nick (Minster’s MD) Plays Bass!

Highlights Include: ‘Get Paid Faster’ with the new Debt Management Centre in Pegasus Opera 3, Keep The Spark In Manufacturing With SAP Business One, new PR Company to help Minster grow and Minster’s Director Nick Marlow plays guitar at local school.

Click here to view the latest newsletter.

The Employment Appeal Tribunal passed an important new ruling on Holiday pay on 4th November 2014

The Employment Appeal Tribunal passed an important new ruling on Holiday pay on 4th November. This ruling was in favour of including overtime and commission when calculating holiday pay.

What does this actually mean?

Holiday pay must now reflect the worker’s actual normal earnings rather than just basic salary. If a worker’s earnings vary depending on the amount of work they do or the times that they carry out that work, their holiday pay should now be based on an average of their actual earnings calculated over a 12-week reference period. The type of payments that need to be included in the calculation include overtime payments, shift payments (eg unsocial hours payments) and travel supplements (although reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses would not be included).

How does this affect businesses?

All employers must now take into account overtime when calculating holiday pay. Employers are encouraged to prepare for this new ruling to ensure their business and employees are covered. Opera 3 Payroll and Opera II Payroll already cater for average week holiday pay and the accumulation of a holiday pay fund, by specifying which payment types are to be included in this calculation. More information can be found on the ACAS website.


Streamline Your Credit Control Processes With Opera 3 Credit Management Centre

The Opera 3 Credit Management Centre is designed to  help reduce bad debts, increase cash flow and improve the overall financial position of your business.CMC

The Credit Management Centre provides credit controllers and those involved in debt management with a centralised, easy-to-use tool which consolidates all of the information needed for effective credit control. Easy-to-understand, real-time graphs display your overall financial status so you can quickly see what is owed, who owes it and how much money has been promised by customers.

This gives you all the information you need to improve cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve the overall financial position of your business.

Debt Management takes tackling customer debt to the next level

The NEW Debt Management feature lets you create up to nine levels of debtor correspondence to chase late payments. It’s designed to boost your cash flow by helping you get paid quicker. 60% of small to medium businesses are now experiencing late customer payments. If you’re one of them, Debt Management is just what you need to get your cash flow back on track. Debt Management is just one of the key features available as standard to Opera 3 customers with the Credit Management Centre application on a current AMC.

Key Features

  • Easy to understand dashboard views of the overall financial position of your company and customers
  • Drill down behind key financial information, customer accounts, and transactions
  • Powerful filters allow you to manage customers that are over their credit limit and/or have overdue invoices
  • Create and organise customers into user definable Credit Management Groups according to their Debt
  •  Define custom Action Types and Outcome Types to be used with diary actions for recording activities and follow ups
  • Create and amend diary actions against individual customers or transactions, with an optional follow up reminder via Notification Services
  • Record and revise Promised Payments against individual transactions or at account level
  • Integrates with the Opera 3 Sales Ledger with instant access to the Account view for historical information
  • Easily put accounts on or off stop, increase or decrease credit limits, and re organise accounts into different Credit Management Groups individually, or in bulk
  • Dispute invoices and record the appropriate reason code
  • Print Statements, Copy Invoices and produce Debtors letters
  • Keep on top of actions due for completion with the Diary view
  • Additional Credit Management reports including: Promised Payments & Diary Activities that can also be exported directly to Excel
  • Integrates with Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) and Pegasus XRL


Opera 3 Version 2.14 Out Now!


Debt Management: get paid faster

To help combat late payments, a new Debt Management feature has been added to the Credit Management Centre for designing, generating and sending correspondence to debtors.

It’s flexible, so you can specify and design up to 9 levels of debt letters per company, or per individual customer if letters are customised. Plus, you can create up to 9 e-mail covers for each level of company correspondence, or use one e-mail cover for all levels of correspondence.

A new Design Editor provides intuitive formatting tools to tailor each level of correspondence. It includes mail merge fields, text fonts, sizes and colours, tables, bullet points and images.

Correspondence can be generated and sent in bulk or to individual customers; it can be sent via e-mail, or printed for customers that require a hard copy. Debt Management is available as standard to Opera 3 customers with the Credit Management Centre application on a current AMC.

Debt Management: get paid faster

Debt Management: get paid faster

Scheduler Service (2.00)

A new Scheduler Service (2.00) provides server-side processing for both printed and e-mailed Debt Correspondence. For printed correspondence, the Scheduler Service will create the mail-merged PDF files and print. For e-mailed correspondence, the Scheduler Service will generate and e-mail the mail-merged PDF files.

All generated debt correspondence is automatically recorded against the relevant customer with a Sales Ledger Note and Credit Management Diary Action. A new History form provides a view of previously successful correspondence, with the ability to drill down to the underlying PDF. A Summary report will also be available to provide an audit trail of generated correspondence.

Pegasus Web Xchange and Payroll Self Service (1.14)

Employee Pensions for better visibility

pension-iconTo give employees better visibility of their personal information, an additional menu option “Your Pensions” will be added to Payroll Self Service. This will allow users to view their pension information including details of their current pension provider, a summary of their current pension scheme, their current contributions and their auto enrolment status. Plus, they’ll be able to drill down to a detailed breakdown of their overall pension contributions and filter by pension scheme and/or year.In addition, users will be able to view a breakdown of the Opera 3 Payroll deductions that relate to pension payments.

Payroll Self Service Validator 

The enhanced Payroll Self Service Validator will validate new pension information to be extracted to Pegasus Web Xchange. In addition, an uplift to the interface will make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

CRM enhancements

The release includes a number of enhancements to CRM for improved communication and efficiency and better reporting.

Further Notification Services integration: improved communication and efficiency

Activities and Sales Opportunities will be integrated with Notification Services. Notifications can be sent to users when an activity is created, modified, cleared, deleted, or as a reminder when it is about to become due. This will affect Activities created in the following areas:

  • The Activity Tab available in: Company Processing, Contacts Processing (including Group Processing), My Company, My Record, Sales Opportunities Processing, Project Processing, Stock Processing, Service Contracts Processing, Equipment Register Processing and Helpdesk Management Processing
  • Resource Scheduler and Summary Scheduler
  • Daily Calendar, Group Calendar and SPM Today

Notifications can also be sent to users whenever a Sales Opportunity is created or amended, and as a reminder when an Opportunity has reached the ‘Next Chase Date’. This will affect Sales Opportunities created in the following areas:

  • Sales Opportunity Processing
  • The Opportunities Tab available in: Company Processing, Contacts Processing, Referral Methods, My Company and My Record More reports can be exported to Excel, for information sharing and further analysis

5 more reports are available to export to Excel:

  • Sales Pipeline Management: Sales Pipeline Report, Telephone List and Activity List
  • Helpdesk Management: In-Tray and SLA Monitor


Opera 3 Event – Get Started!

As you may be aware, the end is in sight for Opera II with Pegasus advising that they intend to make an ‘end of life’ announcement within the next 24 months.

With this in mind, Minster have organised an Opera 3 event to go through details of how you can save money by upgrading early as well as the benefits your business will gain.

As well as Opera II customers looking to upgrade, this event is also suitable for those who are looking for an overview on Opera 3 as well as those who currently use it and would like to hear about future developments.

This complimentary event will include a run through of the added features of Opera 3 from both the Minster Team and Pegasus’s Product Specialists Steve Power and Sue Flavell.

For further information or the agenda please contact

Auto Enrolment Logo

Final Auto Enrolment – Oct 2014

To ensure a prompt start, there will be coffee registration at the office from 9am.

As Auto Enrolment is fast approaching for many SMEs, the need for information and guidance has become more and more desired.

This is why we have held numerous auto-enrolment seminars with pensions and finance experts to help our customers with any prep information that they may need. After the success and great feedback of previous events, we are holding our LAST EVER auto-enrolment event with advice from our software team.

As this is our last ever auto-enrolment event, we urge anyone who has any queries relating to our responsibilities to attend so as not to incur any unnecessary consultation charges.

 If you would like further information, please call us on 01562 68211 or email us at

Please note, due to popularity, you will need to register each person from your company individually


Auto Enrolment Logo

Auto Enrolment Seminar – Jan 2014

Auto Enrolment - image of a Piggy BankFrom 1 October 2012, changes to the pensions law (the Workplace Pensions Reform) have started to affect employers.

Auto Enrolment means that employers will have to enrol their employees into a pension scheme and pay into that scheme. We will be holding further seminars throughout the year, dates to be confirmed.

Real Time Information (RTI) Seminar

HMRC LogoRTI is being introduced to improve the operation of PAYE, making it easier for you, the employer, to operate PAYE. Employees will receive the information more quickly and it will help support the introduction of Universal Credits. We are holding a seminar on 29th January 2013 showcasing how Pegasus will be ready for the changes.