Never miss an opportunity with an integrated CRM System!

The sales team at Minster understand the importance of an easy-to-use CRM system. Let’s face it, having a fully integrated system in place allows employees to be more productive and can save a lot of company time.

Pegasus Opera 3’s CRM utility is a centralised database that allows you to store prospect, customer and supplier data securely as well as log all communication and track activities in a productive manner. The system integrates with Opera 3 Financials and Supply Chain applications to give you clear visibility across your business.

We’re all guilty of appointments or follow ups slipping our mind from time to time which is why Pegasus CRM has an active alerts tool, enabling you to set reminders so you haven’t got to worry about missing an opportunity. The system takes care of all the finer details for you, meaning you can concentrate on closing those all important business deals. The module also includes an easy reporting tool, allowing you to report on sales pipeline and forecast effectively. The reporting feature fully integrates with Microsoft Excel to give you flexibility over your reports. As well as helping to manage sales pipeline, the CRM system also takes care of your service management and helpdesk management. This allows your business to track upcoming opportunities, right the way through to providing them with customer support and account management.

Wouldn’t it be more efficient if you could store all of your sales and marketing efforts in one place? Opera 3 CRM helps you to improve your business potential with its integration with Microsoft Outlook. This means marketing teams are able to send e-shots and import incoming e-mails to the CRM utility. The system also makes it easy to do mail merges and it can generate mail shots for specific contacts or groups. This improves the visibility for sales and marketing teams working together as it improves the visibility and communication between the teams.

How will GDPR and Brexit affect you?

Now article 50 has been triggered, Britain can be expected to leave the EU within the next two years. Although two years may seem a long time, we all know that time flies and we’ll be an independent country before we know it.

Brexit will have numerous effects on Britain and the way we work. One of the three most likely industries to be affected is financial services. If you are not in the financial services industry, it doesn’t mean your company won’t be affected as it will still impact the financial department of most businesses.

As well as Brexit, there are also the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) to prepare for and this will affect most financial departments. These new regulations are being put in place from May 2018. This is to ensure data is being used correctly, is being shared in the correct way, and to prevent any data breaches.


Will the GDPR affect UK businesses?

Many UK businesses are under the impression that GDPR won’t affect them due to Brexit. However, there will be a period in between the new regulations being introduced and the official EU leaving date. Britain WILL have to abide by the GDPR law between May 2018 and March 2019, meaning that UK businesses need to prepare themselves for the implementation of the new data protection regulations.


How will this affect your IT?

As one of the leading IT companies in your local area, we thought it would be beneficial to give you some pointers on how to prepare. As you know, businesses are utilising the web more than ever. With over 269 billion emails sent daily, how many of these do you think contain sensitive data? With so many emails being sent and received, businesses need to be extra vigilant with the data shared.


What to do next

It’s important that your customers, suppliers and any other associates know what and how confidentially their data is stored as well as how long it will be kept for. Data will need to be shared and handled much more sensitively meaning that new measures need to be put into place so that any parties you deal with know your regulations on data protection.

  • It is worth creating a new data protection policy for your business. Your system security will need to be up to scratch, ensuring that any data stays protected.
  • Is it time for an upgrade? It’s important to review your system’s security to ensure it is robust. If your system was hacked, you could be liable to possible penalties.
  • Do you have data stored with a cloud provider? The moment you allow data to enter the cloud, you are allowing the provider to take responsibility of how the data is stored, protected and accessed.You need to ensure that requirements of the GDPR law are met through your cloud provider. You may want to consider moving your cloud host to a UK based company.
  • Payroll systems might need to be assessed for security. Obviously, bank details and other sensitive data are kept within HR and can be dangerous if put into the hands of the wrong people. Your payroll system needs to be reliable and very secure. Your payroll supplier also needs to be very clear on GDPR so they are less likely to breach the new data protection laws. Most businesses use a CRM (customer relationship management) system to store sensitive customer, supplier and prospect data.
  • It is important you review your internal systems to ensure they are reliable and kept up to date.


If you’d like to discuss further or have any concerns, please feel free to contact Minster on 01562 68211 or email

Opera 3 Version 2.14 Out Now!


Debt Management: get paid faster

To help combat late payments, a new Debt Management feature has been added to the Credit Management Centre for designing, generating and sending correspondence to debtors.

It’s flexible, so you can specify and design up to 9 levels of debt letters per company, or per individual customer if letters are customised. Plus, you can create up to 9 e-mail covers for each level of company correspondence, or use one e-mail cover for all levels of correspondence.

A new Design Editor provides intuitive formatting tools to tailor each level of correspondence. It includes mail merge fields, text fonts, sizes and colours, tables, bullet points and images.

Correspondence can be generated and sent in bulk or to individual customers; it can be sent via e-mail, or printed for customers that require a hard copy. Debt Management is available as standard to Opera 3 customers with the Credit Management Centre application on a current AMC.

Debt Management: get paid faster

Debt Management: get paid faster

Scheduler Service (2.00)

A new Scheduler Service (2.00) provides server-side processing for both printed and e-mailed Debt Correspondence. For printed correspondence, the Scheduler Service will create the mail-merged PDF files and print. For e-mailed correspondence, the Scheduler Service will generate and e-mail the mail-merged PDF files.

All generated debt correspondence is automatically recorded against the relevant customer with a Sales Ledger Note and Credit Management Diary Action. A new History form provides a view of previously successful correspondence, with the ability to drill down to the underlying PDF. A Summary report will also be available to provide an audit trail of generated correspondence.

Pegasus Web Xchange and Payroll Self Service (1.14)

Employee Pensions for better visibility

pension-iconTo give employees better visibility of their personal information, an additional menu option “Your Pensions” will be added to Payroll Self Service. This will allow users to view their pension information including details of their current pension provider, a summary of their current pension scheme, their current contributions and their auto enrolment status. Plus, they’ll be able to drill down to a detailed breakdown of their overall pension contributions and filter by pension scheme and/or year.In addition, users will be able to view a breakdown of the Opera 3 Payroll deductions that relate to pension payments.

Payroll Self Service Validator 

The enhanced Payroll Self Service Validator will validate new pension information to be extracted to Pegasus Web Xchange. In addition, an uplift to the interface will make it more intuitive and user-friendly.

CRM enhancements

The release includes a number of enhancements to CRM for improved communication and efficiency and better reporting.

Further Notification Services integration: improved communication and efficiency

Activities and Sales Opportunities will be integrated with Notification Services. Notifications can be sent to users when an activity is created, modified, cleared, deleted, or as a reminder when it is about to become due. This will affect Activities created in the following areas:

  • The Activity Tab available in: Company Processing, Contacts Processing (including Group Processing), My Company, My Record, Sales Opportunities Processing, Project Processing, Stock Processing, Service Contracts Processing, Equipment Register Processing and Helpdesk Management Processing
  • Resource Scheduler and Summary Scheduler
  • Daily Calendar, Group Calendar and SPM Today

Notifications can also be sent to users whenever a Sales Opportunity is created or amended, and as a reminder when an Opportunity has reached the ‘Next Chase Date’. This will affect Sales Opportunities created in the following areas:

  • Sales Opportunity Processing
  • The Opportunities Tab available in: Company Processing, Contacts Processing, Referral Methods, My Company and My Record More reports can be exported to Excel, for information sharing and further analysis

5 more reports are available to export to Excel:

  • Sales Pipeline Management: Sales Pipeline Report, Telephone List and Activity List
  • Helpdesk Management: In-Tray and SLA Monitor