Streamline Your Credit Control Processes With Opera 3 Credit Management Centre

The Opera 3 Credit Management Centre is designed to  help reduce bad debts, increase cash flow and improve the overall financial position of your business.CMC

The Credit Management Centre provides credit controllers and those involved in debt management with a centralised, easy-to-use tool which consolidates all of the information needed for effective credit control. Easy-to-understand, real-time graphs display your overall financial status so you can quickly see what is owed, who owes it and how much money has been promised by customers.

This gives you all the information you need to improve cash flow, reduce bad debts and improve the overall financial position of your business.

Debt Management takes tackling customer debt to the next level

The NEW Debt Management feature lets you create up to nine levels of debtor correspondence to chase late payments. It’s designed to boost your cash flow by helping you get paid quicker. 60% of small to medium businesses are now experiencing late customer payments. If you’re one of them, Debt Management is just what you need to get your cash flow back on track. Debt Management is just one of the key features available as standard to Opera 3 customers with the Credit Management Centre application on a current AMC.

Key Features

  • Easy to understand dashboard views of the overall financial position of your company and customers
  • Drill down behind key financial information, customer accounts, and transactions
  • Powerful filters allow you to manage customers that are over their credit limit and/or have overdue invoices
  • Create and organise customers into user definable Credit Management Groups according to their Debt
  •  Define custom Action Types and Outcome Types to be used with diary actions for recording activities and follow ups
  • Create and amend diary actions against individual customers or transactions, with an optional follow up reminder via Notification Services
  • Record and revise Promised Payments against individual transactions or at account level
  • Integrates with the Opera 3 Sales Ledger with instant access to the Account view for historical information
  • Easily put accounts on or off stop, increase or decrease credit limits, and re organise accounts into different Credit Management Groups individually, or in bulk
  • Dispute invoices and record the appropriate reason code
  • Print Statements, Copy Invoices and produce Debtors letters
  • Keep on top of actions due for completion with the Diary view
  • Additional Credit Management reports including: Promised Payments & Diary Activities that can also be exported directly to Excel
  • Integrates with Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) and Pegasus XRL



Opera 3 Event – Get Started!

As you may be aware, the end is in sight for Opera II with Pegasus advising that they intend to make an ‘end of life’ announcement within the next 24 months.

With this in mind, Minster have organised an Opera 3 event to go through details of how you can save money by upgrading early as well as the benefits your business will gain.

As well as Opera II customers looking to upgrade, this event is also suitable for those who are looking for an overview on Opera 3 as well as those who currently use it and would like to hear about future developments.

This complimentary event will include a run through of the added features of Opera 3 from both the Minster Team and Pegasus’s Product Specialists Steve Power and Sue Flavell.

For further information or the agenda please contact