Keeping The Spark In Manufacturing With SAP

What can SAP Business One MRP do for you and your manufacturing business?

SAP Business One supports all the basic business requirements of a modern manufacturing business, enabling you to accurately and effectively manage bills of materials (BOMs), production orders, and material requirements in one centralised ERP system.

Offering a simple yet powerful planning system, it helps production planners or buyers schedule and manage items for production or purchasing based on a variety of criteria.

SAP Business One MRP (Materials Requirements Planning)  allows you to define a planning scenario in five easy steps and then predict demand based on its forecasts. This sophisticated module ensures that your company can fulfil demand resulting in satisfied customers.

Whether you purchase your inventory in or you manufacture it, SAP Business One MRP module can handle it.

What are SAP Business One MRP Salient features?

  • Accurately predict demand based on forecasts, allowing you to adjust material planning accordingly
  • The planning wizard guides you through the process of creating planning scenarios in five simple steps. Scenarios can be run for a range of items or item groups, and once executed, the solution produces a detailed recommendation report
  • Once a scenario is executed, the solution presents a recommendation to ‘make’ or ‘buy’ items in a recommendation report. Drill-down options are available to allow planners to view the net requirement calculations and view the actual documents driving the gross requirements. Exception warnings and visual queries are also available. These help users identify orders that need to be expedited.
  • From the recommendation report, planners can automatically select recommended production orders and purchase orders for automatic creation. If an item needs to be outsourced, the system allows planners to easily convert a production order to a purchase order. Purchase orders to the same supplier can be optionally consolidated into one order, streamlining the purchasing process
  • Pre-defined report templates allow you to create detailed reports quickly and easily

How can SAP Business One MRP benefit your business?

  • Reduce costs – by considering both minimum order quantities and order multiples
  • Have complete end-to-end visibility of products –  from order entry through manufacturing, fitting, alterations and on to delivery
  • Make quicker, better decisions –  by gaining access to timely, accurate data on all aspects of the sales process
  • Reduce stock levels – by reducing safety stock and multiple PO’s for the same
  • SAP Business One makes it easy for you to capture the usage of material required for you to build your finished products.


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